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We are member of NSE, BSE in equity segment. Through our online, mobile and offline platform we offer our clients best services to enhance their portfolio. We provide 5 to 10 times intraday limits depending on the portfolio.

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Equity Derivative

Investors can use equity derivatives to hedge the risk associated with taking a position in stock by setting limits to the losses incurred by either a short or long position in a company's shares. The investor receives this insurance by paying the cost of the derivative contract, which is referred to as a premium. If an investor purchases a stock, he or she can protect against a loss in share value by purchasing a put option. On the other hand, if the investor has shorted shares, he or she can hedge against a gain in share price by purchasing a call option.

Options are the most common equity derivatives because they directly grant the holder the right to buy or sell equity at a predetermined value. More complex equity derivatives include equity index swaps, convertible bonds or stock index futures.

Online trading

  • Access to NSE and BSE.
  • Well trained dealers for lightening fast offline order execution.
  • Get a combined view of your trading account and balances.
  • Track your Portfolio.
  • Integrated support via NSE NOW softwares.
  • Trade on the go with our Android app NSE NOW Mobile Trader.


  • Daily and Weekly Fundamental and Technical Research Reports.
  • Daily Research calls for intraday as well as positional trades via Software, Instant Messaging. Segment specific calls ( Cash, Futures, Options, Index, Index Options)
  • Option Strategies to make the most out of market volatility.
  • Dedicated Portfolio Management Services for investor specific needs and financial goals.

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